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May 15, 2008


TO:   Service Center Directors, Deputy Directors, Human Resource Directors

SUBJECT:    Newspaper Job Advertising:  Public Law 2008, Chapter 539, Part YYY (General Fund savings from employment advertising)

Public Law 2008, Chapter 539, Part YYY, signed by Governor Baldacci on March 31, 2008, becomes effective July 1, 2008.  This law requires that all state employment opportunities be posted on the Internet instead of in newspapers unless the vacancy is specialized and approval for newspaper advertisement is granted by the Bureau of Human Resources (BHR).

The effects of this law are two-fold:

1.   All state agencies are required to post all employment opportunities on the Internet; and

2.   All newspaper advertisements of state employment opportunities must be approved by the Bureau of Human Resources prior to being placed.

Direct Hire vacancies:  Human Resources Memorandum 5-07 (Posting Direct Hire Vacancies) describes the procedures currently in effect for posting direct hire vacancies on the BHR internet website.

Competitive vacancies:  BHR provides a central internet location for the posting of employment opportunities.  When it is determined that posting an employment opportunity on a website other than BHR’s is desirable, agencies are strongly encouraged to provide the internet link to BHR in order that all employment opportunities be accessible from a central location.

Based on this new law, BHR has established a process for agencies to obtain approval from BHR to advertise state employment opportunities in newspapers.  A form for requesting this approval has been developed (Form PER 132 - Newspaper Job Advertisement Authorization).  The form must be completed, submitted to BHR, and approved prior to placing job advertisements in the newspaper.  The form is available on our website at

S/ Alicia Kellogg
Alicia Kellogg, Director
Bureau of Human Resources

Form PER132 - Newspaper Job Advertisement Authorization (Adobe PDF format)
Form PER132 - Newspaper Job Advertisement Authorization (Microsoft Word format)