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Bureau of Human Resources

December 17, 2007


TO: All Agency Heads, Agency Human Resource/EEO Representatives

SUBJECT: FY 2008 Hiring Freeze - PER-15 Requisition For Employee


Human Resources Memorandum 4-07 implemented procedures for the FY 2008 Hiring Freeze. This memorandum is being issued as a reminder of the requirement that agencies must receive exemption approval by the State Budget Officer before proceeding to post or otherwise advertise for any vacancy, or to fill any position.

In order to ensure that this requirement is being met, agencies are now required to provide evidence that the requisite approval from the State Budget Officer has been received when submitting the Form PER-15 (Requisition For Employee) to the Bureau of Human Resources. For requests submitted in hard-copy, a copy of the approval must accompany the PER-15. For requests submitted electronically, reference to the date of approval must be entered into the Special Considerations/Instructions/Reason for Opening Register field on the PER-15 form.


S / Alicia Kellogg
Alicia Kellogg, Director
Bureau of Human Resources