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Bureau of Human Resources
June 24, 2005


TO: Agency Heads, Human Resource Representatives and Supervisors
SUBJECT: Implementation of Legislative Resolve Regarding Employee-Initiated Reclassification Requests

Pursuant to PL 2005, Chapter 25 (Resolve, To Improve the Response Time for State Employees Seeking Job Reclassifications), the Bureau of Human Resources is implementing a procedure to identify and track employee-initiated reclassification requests. In the discussions that led to the Resolve, the Joint Standing Committee on State and Local Government expressed considerable concern about long delays in processing employee-initiated reclassification requests and the Resolve seeks to mitigate the situation.

Effective August 1, 2005, the Form FJA-1 will include a “Tear-Off Cover Sheet” (new Page 1) that is designed to provide notification to BHR that an employee has submitted an FJA-1 to his or her supervisor. The Tear-Off Cover Sheet must be submitted to BHR when the employee signs the FJA-1. The employee must complete and forward the Tear-Off Cover Sheet to the Classification/Compensation Unit, Bureau of Human Resources, 4 State House Station, Augusta 04333. Upon receipt of a Tear-Off Cover Sheet, BHR will forward a confirmation email to the employee, the supervisor, and the agency HR Division.

It is very important that supervisors and appointing authorities understand that their role in the classification evaluation process is critical. Signing an FJA-1 does not signify that the supervisor or appointing authority agrees or disagrees with a proposed reclassification, it only signifies that the FJA-1 accurately reflects the duties, skills, and reporting relationships of the job in question. In the event that the supervisor or appointing authority does not agree that an employee’s FJA-1 accurately describes the job, the supervisor or appointing authority should not sign the FJA-1 and should attach an explanation as to the points of disagreement. In either case, the agency must promptly review the FJA-1, take necessary action, and forward it to BHR.

The Resolve requires that the Director report back to the Joint Standing Committee on State and Local Government by March 15, 2006 regarding the progress toward expediting the review of employee-initiated FJA-1’s. In order to implement the intent of the Resolve, the Bureau of Human Resources will periodically (but at least every 30 days) inquire as to the status of each employee-initiated FJA-1 to determine the progress of the agency evaluation.

In addition to improving service, there is a significant financial incentive for improving the turn-around time for processing employee-initiated FJA-1’s. In consideration of this legislation, the State and the MSEA have agreed that interest will begin to accrue effective the 91 st day after the employee has signed the FJA-1 rather than the date of a final decision by BHR1.

Questions or comments concerning the revised Form FJA-1 in general, or the Tear-Off Cover Sheet in particular, should be directed to Linda Doherty (624-7763) or Thaddeus Cotnoir (624-7799) in BHR.

1Prior to the recently-enacted Resolve, BHR did not log the date an FJA-1 was signed by the employee. For purposes of testimony concerning LD 1331, BHR manually reviewed all of the reclassification requests for calendar year 2002. The finding was that the average processing time for FJA-1’s was 130 days; 75 days at the agency and 55 days at BHR. Applying the current interest calculation to the 2002 experience would increase the interest-related cost of retroactivity by about 40 days.


S /Frank A. Johnson
Frank A. Johnson, Acting Director
Bureau of Human Resources