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Bureau of Human Resources
July 27, 2004


TO: Agency Heads, Human Resource Representatives
SUBJECT: Lump Sum Payment In Lieu Of FY2004 Merits

The purpose of this memorandum is to provide agencies with instructions for processing the lump-sum payment of $387 (prorated for part-time and seasonal) for employees who would have been eligible to receive a step increase during the period of July 1, 2003 and June 30, 2004.

Eligibility for Increase

All employees, except agency commissioners * and certain senior staff in the Office of the Governor who, but for the merit freeze, would have been eligible to receive a merit increase in their permanent assignment during the period of July 1, 2003 and June 30, 2004.

Employees Eligible for Automatic Processing

The lump-sum payment will be issued automatically to employees for whom eligibility can be determined through electronic means. To determine eligibility employee information as of July 1, 2003 was used.

Using July 1, 2003 data all of the following conditions had to be met:

  1. Employee must be in 1 – active status or 2 – inactive (on leave).
  2. If in Admin Unit C Salary Step must not = 06
  3. Company Number is not = 00360, 01100, 01210, 01601, 01701, 03000, 03010, 03020, 04000, 04001, 09960

Current data:

  1. Employee must be in 1 – active status or 2 – inactive (on leave).

Employees For Whom Manual Processing Is Required :

Two Reports have been generated for your review. The information on these reports is current information except for the salary review date which appears in the column “Dates 2003” (salary review date as of June 30, 2003).

The hours and weeks in the position record for the period from 7/1/2003 – 6/30/2004 will be used to establish the number of hours upon which to base the lump-sum payment. The prorated lump-sum payment for seasonal and part-time employees will be provided on the lump-sum payment reports provided by BHR.

Report PWHEL04-1 - Employees Receiving Lump-Sum Payments:

An asterisk will appear next to those employees who are at Step 08

or above which will require a closer review.

Report PWHEL05-1 - Employees notReceiving Lump-Sum Payments. When reviewing these reports to determine if an employee is eligible for this lump-sum payment the following criteria must be considered:

Processing Procedures and Key Dates :

A processing calendar is attached to this memorandum and should be studied in detail.

The lump sum payment will automatically be generated for employees that are eligible to receive the payment.

The Office of the Controller will make necessary corrections prior to paying the lump-sum payment using the authorization from BHR.

Critical Dates:


S/ Donald A. Wills
Donald A. Wills, Director
Bureau of Human Resources

* The Adjutant General
Commissioner, Admin and Finance
Commissioner, Agriculture
Commissioner, Prof and Financial Regulation
Commissioner, Conservation
Commissioner, Corrections
Commissioner, Econ and Community Devt
Commissioner, Education
Commissioner, Environmental Protection
Commissioner, Health and Human Svcs
Commissioner, Inland Fish and Wildlife
Commissioner, Labor
Commissioner, Marine Resources
Commissioner, Public Safety
Commissioner, Transportation


July Lump Sum Payment Schedule
August Lump Sum Payment Schedule