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Bureau of Human Resources
June 28, 2002



TO: Agency Heads, Directors of Administrative Services, and Human Resource Representatives
SUBJECT: Governor's Executive Order 05 FY 01/02 and HR Memorandum 6-02


As previously announced, state government offices will be closed on July 5, 2002 and all employees will be temporarily laid off that day, or an alternative day. HR Memorandum 6-02 instructed agencies that unpaid temporary layoff time should be counted as time worked for the purpose of computing overtime.

Apparently this memorandum has created some confusion, as our office has received questions as to whether employees may be scheduled for overtime in order to make up for the time not worked on July 5th or other alternative temporary layoff day.

Please let this serve as a reminder that, pursuant to the requirements of Executive Order 05 FY 01/02, Section 5, unscheduled overtime shall not be permitted except in emergency or other unavoidable circumstances and only with the prior approval of the department or agency head, or his or her designee.

The sole purpose of HR Memorandum 6-02 was to instruct agencies that unpaid temporary layoff time will count as "time worked" for the purpose of computing overtime, in the rare circumstance where such emergency or unavoidable overtime must be scheduled.

It is essential that all managers and supervisors are reminded of the strict limitations on the scheduling of overtime pursuant to the Executive Order.