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Bureau of Human Resources
June 21, 2002



TO: All Agency Heads, Directors of Administrative Services, and Human Resource Representatives
SUBJECT: Implementing Temporary Layoff for July 5, 2002


As Governor King has announced, State Government offices will be closed on Friday, July 5, 2002. It is also anticipated that State offices will be closed for an additional two days prior to June 1, 2003, with the specific dates to be announced later. The purpose of this memorandum is to provide agencies with information and instructions concerning the processing and record keeping requirements necessary to implement this temporary layoff. These closures will affect all employees, programs, and offices, regardless of employee position type or funding source.

Employees are to be informed not to report to work on July 5, unless they are specifically instructed to the contrary. Employees may not be allowed to work without compensation. It is incumbent on each appointing authority to ensure that all employees are informed of the closure. Each appointing authority must immediately determine which employees, if any, will be required to work on July 5 and, if an employee is required to work, of the alternate arrangements that will be necessary to accomplish equivalent temporary layoff time without pay.

The temporary layoff scheduled for July 5 will not impact the July 4, Independence Day holiday. State employees who are otherwise eligible for holiday pay will receive holiday pay for July 4, even though State offices will be closed on July 5.

A "workday" is considered to be 1/10th of an employee’s authorized biweekly position hours, whether full-time or part-time, and regardless of work schedule.

Even though State offices will be closed on July 5, it may be necessary for some employees to work. This circumstance will generally be associated with the health, safety, or security of the public. In the event that an employee is specifically required to work during a closure:

Other important considerations of the July 5, 2002 temporary layoff are:



As is stated above, July 5 will be processed using Special Pay 19, Temp Layoff. Special Pay 19 transactions will be generated automatically for all employees for the pay period. Full-time employees, including seasonal employees, project employees, and Government Interns, will be processed for 8 hours of Special Pay 19 for July 5. Special Pay 19 for part-time employees will be based upon 1/10th of the authorized biweekly position hours.

Automatically generated transactions may be viewed on the UTRU1 screen. Additional entries or changes must be entered using the customary time and attendance screen (HUEUS).

Tracking of temporary layoff is a critical record keeping component. Exception reports will be generated immediately following payroll processing for pay period that includes July 5, 2002. The reports will list all employees who have not been processed for temporary layoff during the pay period. If an employee has not been processed for Special Pay 19, he or she must be scheduled for alternative time off as outlined above.

Questions regarding contract administration should be directed to the Bureau of Employee Relations. Questions regarding payroll processing should be addressed to the Bureau of Human Resources or Bureau of Accounts and Control, as appropriate. Questions regarding the impact of the closure on workers’ compensation benefits should be referred to the appropriate workers’ compensation claims manager at the Division of Employee Health and Benefits. Questions regarding the July 5, 2002 closure that have statewide application will be addressed and communicated to agencies in a Q & A format as they arise.


S/ Donald A. Wills

Donald A Wills, Director
Bureau of Human Resources