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Bureau of Human Resources
October 1, 2002



TO: All Agency Heads, Agency Human Resource/EEO Representatives
SUBJECT: Posting Direct Hire Vacancies


It has been brought to our attention on numerous occasions that employees and the public are unable to access a comprehensive list of direct hire recruitments for Maine State Government. It appears that in some cases, BHR is not being notified of direct hire vacancies, and in other cases, agencies are relying solely on their own websites. Human Resources Memoranda 11-95 (09/25/95), 12-96 (10/11/96), and 6-00 (09/19/00) implemented requirements for posting direct hire vacancies on the Bureau of Human Resources website whenever an agency's recruitment effort extends outside of the agency. Agencies are reminded that the Bureau of Human Resources must be notified when direct hire vacancies occur or are anticipated.

In order to ensure that direct hire vacancies are publicized for state employees and the public, the Bureau of Human Resources maintains direct hire postings on the State of Maine homepage (click Working/Job Opportunities/State Government Jobs). [Note: The site may also be accessed through the BHR homepage, "Career Opportunities."] In order to ensure that all direct hire opportunities are posted in one location, changes are being implemented in how direct hire announcements are posted, and agencies are requested to accommodate the following procedure:

  1. All direct hire postings must be listed on BHR’s website.
  2. Civil Service Rules require that all vacancies be announced at least two weeks in advance of the last date for accepting direct hire applications.
  3. The direct hire vacancies are generally updated each Monday. In order to ensure that the direct hire website is current, agencies should forward current and anticipated direct hire vacancies to Jerry Rogers at the Bureau of Human Resources each Friday, with the information listed below:
  1. The direct hire information must be sent to BHR even if a separate agency direct hire list is being maintained. BHR will link to the agency site in addition to the primary site.
  2. It is no longer necessary to provide Carolyn McLaughlin with this information as this list will not be circulated after October 7, 2002. Agencies should simply print and post the direct hire listing located at:
  3. The Bureau of Human Resources will continue to maintain current "Value of State Benefits" and necessary salary information for each vacancy.

The Bureau of Human Resources remains committed to maintaining a complete and accurate listing of direct hire vacancies. Your cooperation in providing direct hire vacancy information in a timely manner is appreciated.

S / Donald A. Wills
Donald A. Wills, Director
Bureau of Human Resources