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Bureau of Human Resources

January 4, 1999


TO: Agency Heads, Human Resources Representatives, Admin Services Directors, EEO Officers
SUBJECT: Direct Hire Application - Processing Changes


The Direct Hire application was created during the early 1980’s to reduce requirements in describing work history and education for labor and trades jobs, and to provide a shorter application for certain professions where submission of a resume, curriculum vitae, and/or evidence of licensure is customary.

At the same time an EEO tear-off sheet was created for the applicant to provide demographic information. EEO and interview data on direct hire applicants was to be reported to the Bureau of Human Resources through the submission of the Direct Hire application tear-off sheet and through submission of the Activity Report for Direct Hire Employment Classifications (Per 45). Submission of these documents has not been timely or anywhere near usefully complete. The purpose of collecting this data was to provide a means to collect, collate and report this information to hiring agencies.

Although the practice of sending this information has continued, requests for reports from this data are virtually non-existent.

The Direct Hire application will soon be available to users through the Internet. At that time it will no longer be feasible to continue the reporting database because of the lack of an application number known to both agencies and BHR. Because the need to have web based applications is greater than the need to have centralized reporting capability on Direct Hire employment through this method, effective January 1, 1999, the tear-off sheets and Per 45 will no longer need to be submitted to the Bureau of Human Resources and BHR will immediately discontinue entering this information on a data base.

Agencies must continue to collect EEO information on direct hire applicants to use as aggregate data for affirmative action purposes only. This information must be removed immediately upon receipt of an application and the information provided by applicants must be maintained in separate files from other application materials. If you have questions about the storage or use of this information, contact Laurel Shippee, State Equal Employment Opportunity Coordinator, at the Bureau of Human Resources.

Donald A. Wills, Director