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Bureau of Human Resources

May 11, 1998


TO: Agency Heads, Directors of Administrative Services, Agency Personnel Officers & Managers
SUBJECT: Announcement of Recruitment & Retention Salary Adjustments for IT Classifications


The State of Maine is experiencing increasingly higher levels of turnover within our professional information technology job classifications, particularly in entry and mid-level programming and application development jobs.  The primary reason is other job opportunities at higher pay.

In cooperation with the Maine State Employees Association, we are preparing to implement recruitment and retention salary adjustments to selected job classifications in programming, applications systems development, and networking/desktop support disciplines.  We hope these adjustments will:

These adjustments are effective June 29, 1998.   The following information technology classifications will be included in the wage and salary adjustments:

Class Title

Class Code


Adj. to
Base Rate

Lump Sum
for Training


Information Technology Consultant 0172 31/B 15% 5% 20%
Senior Database Analyst 0883 29/B 15% 5% 20%
Senior Technical Support Specialist 0871 29/B 15% 5% 20%
Database Analyst 0882 27/B 15% 5% 20%
Departmental GIS Manager 9556 27/B 15% 5% 20%
Senior Programmer Analyst 0866 27/B 15% 5% 20%
Systems Analyst 0867 27/B 15% 5% 20%
Technical Support Specialist 0870 27/B 15% 5% 20%
Information Systems Security Specialist 0889 26/B 15% 5% 20%
Senior Information Systems Supt Spec 0929 26/B 15% 5% 20%
Information Systems Support Spec II 0931 23/B 15% 5% 20%
Programmer Analyst 0865 23/B 15% 5% 20%
Systems Programmer 0869 23/B 15% 5% 20%
Computer Programmer 0864 21/B 15% 5% 20%
Information Systems Support Spec I 0928 19/B 15% 5% 20%


Class Title

Class Code


Adj to
Base Rate

Director Data Processing (DHS) 0164 32/D 10%
Systems Section Manager 0385 31/D 10%
Systems Group Manager 0170 30/D 10%
Systems Software Section Supervisor 0161 30/D 10%
Database Administrator 0189 29/D 10%
Systems Team Leader 0868 29/D 10%
Departmental Information Systems Manager 0922 27/D 10%
Information Systems Support Manager 0930 28/D 10%
Director Office Information Services 0874 34/X *
Division Manager Information Services 0171 33/X 10%
Director Data Processing (DOT) 0164 32/X 10%
Agency Technology Officer 0470 30/X 10%
GIS Administrator 9555 30/X 10%
Assistant Director Data Processing, WCB 0851 30/X 10%
*Salary will be made equal to Director Data Processing, R-32, with 10% adjustment.

These adjustments will be made as follows:

  Identified Professional & Technical (B) classifications.

  1. An additional fifteen percent (15%) of the base hourly wage to the base rates fixed in the compensation plan.

  2. Payment of a lump sum amount equal to five percent (5%) of the pre-adjustment base annual pay upon completion of forty (40) hours of authorized training completed within the incumbent's prior performance evaluation year.  This training must be made available to all incumbents such that completion is dependent only on the incumbent's willingness to undertake and complete the training.  This payment is to be made within 30 days of each incumbent's performance evaluation date.

  Identified Supervisory (D) and Confidential (X) classifications.

  1. An additional ten percent (10%) of the hourly wage to the base rates fixed in the compensation plan.  These adjustments are required to maintain adequate salary differentials between worker and management classifications.

A follow-up memorandum containing implementation instructions will be issued in early June.  Funding has been identified for positions in the Highway and General Funds.  Agency Personnel Officers and Financial Managers must research and identify required funding for all other funding sources.

Donald A. Wills, Director