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Bureau of Human Resources

March 3, 1998


TO: Agency Heads/Department Heads/Personnel Officers/EEO Officers
SUBJECT: Job Classification Specifications


The job classification specifications are now available to you through the State of Maine INTRAnet.  To access the specifications begin with the State intranet's Homepage  Select State Agencies and on the list of State Agencies select the Bureau of Human Resources.   This will bring you to the BHR Intranet Homepage.  To continue, click on the painting of the two mountain lions (catamounts) or the Welcome to Catamount subheading.  Then click on Search the Job Specification File.

All job specifications are then available to you to view or print.   Detailed instructions on how to enter a request are available.  In general:

  1. If you enter the job class code for the job class you want and execute the query, you will get that job classification specification.  Since the query engine searches the entire database for those numbers, it is possible that you will be given one or more other specifications to select from if, by chance, that number should appear anywhere in any other specification.

  2. If you enter Range 21 you will get all the job specifications at salary grade 21.

  3. If you enter Chemist, you will get all the specifications that have the word Chemist anywhere in the specification (including the job class title).

  4. If more than one specification meets your search criteria, the specifications are presented in alphabetical order by job title.

The job specifications are the current specifications and will be automatically updated as specifications are added, changed or deleted.

It may no longer be necessary for you to maintain job specifications within your office because you can always obtain the latest specification from this system.  We plan to phase out the distribution of specifications to jurisdictions that have access to the intranet.  Each agency will be contacted over the next few months to determine their preferences.

Each quarter we publish a listing of all job specification changes.   We will be adding this to the Human Resources Homepage.  We will also phase out the printing and distribution of this notification to those that have access to the intranet.  You will be contacted on this as well.

Jerry Rogers (287-4434) converted the specifications to HTML format and may be contacted concerning the format or correctness of any document.  Richard Downe (287-4411) manages the intranet site that provides the specifications to you.  Please contact him on related matters.

Suggestions on improving service and accessibility of this data are welcomed.  Address your comments to via E-MAIL.

Donald A. Wills, Director