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Bureau of Human Resources

November 16, 1998


TO: Directors of Administrative Services, Personnel Officers, Payroll Managers
SUBJECT: Payment of Lump Sum Longevity for Confidential Employees


The purpose of this memorandum is to provide instructions for processing longevity bonuses for confidential employees.

Items Included with the Memorandum

1.  Payroll processing calendars for the payment of bonuses.

2.  List of employees in your agency who will be automatically processed for longevity bonuses.  (This report is sent to Personnel Managers only).   This report lists all employees who are in administrative units X, Y, H, or M, and have at least 15 years of service based on the longevity date contained in their MFASIS HR record.

3.  List of confidential employees who will not be processed automatically for a longevity bonus, because:

  1. the employee is in one of the administrative units listed above, but is not eligible because the longevity date does not indicate at least 15 years of service, or

  2. the employee is in administrative unit O (Statutory Salary) or Z (Excluded from Bargaining).  Employees in administrative units O or Z, if eligible based on service time, may be granted a longevity bonus by their salary setting authority.   Authorization for this payment in the form of a memo must be sent to the Bureau of Human Resources.  BHR will audit the request, and payment will be made by the Bureau of Accounts & Control.

NOTE:  Agencies for which there are no eligible employees will receive a report with a printed message that all inut was skipped.

General Information

1.  Longevity bonuses are based on authorized position hours per year, multiplied by .30 per hour for employees with 15 years of services as of January 1, 1999 and .40 per hour for employees with 20 years as of January 1, 1999.

2.  The hours and weeks in the current position record will be used to establish the number of hours upon which to base the bonus.  By exception, employees who are in the Voluntary Cost Savings Program, and who have had their position hours and/or weeks revised downward because of this program will not be penalized.   The longevity calculation will be made as if the employee had not taken the voluntary reduction.

3.  Payment will be made by separate check to be delivered to the employee as shown on the attached processing calendar.

4.  Standard deductions for State and Federal taxes will be taken.

5.  This longevity bonus is for Calendar Year 1999 (January - December).

Eligibility Criteria

1.  The employees must have a longevity date which is equal to January 1, 1984, or earlier.  NOTE:  Time counted for longevity pay for confidential employees need not be continuous.  Any time in a status-granting appointment and position can be combined to establish a longevity date.  Time in the Legislature, Judicial, and Executive Branches of Government is countable.

2.  The employee must be in active pay status.  If an otherwise eligible employee is on a leave of absence, the employee will need to be processed for their longevity bonus after they return to active pay status.  Specific written authorization must be requested and received from the Bureau of Human Resources for all such future payments.

3.  The current appointment type must be C or D.

Processing Instructions

Employees who have been determined eligible for automatic payment have the amount printed beside their name on the report.  This amount will be paid to the employee automatically, if no corrections are received from agencies.  If the amount is incorrect, or if the employee is incorrectly included or excluded, you must notify Jeannine Johnson prior to the time and attendance processing of bonuses for your pay cycle as shown on the attached processing calendars.

Please refer any questions that you may have to Jeannine Johnson, Bureau of Human Resources, Telephone 287-4433.

Thank you,

Donald A. Wills, Director

November Processing Calendar
December Processing Calendar