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Bureau of Human Resources

October 1, 1997


TO: All Agency/Department Heads/Personnel Officers/EEO Officers


The following forms are now on the Bureau of Human Resources homepage.  They are available for you to download in Microsoft Word or Lotus WordPro formats with the exception of Federal Form I-9.  This form is downloaded from and viewed with the Adobe Acrobat Reader.  A link is provided to go to the Adobe site to download the viewer if necessary.  You can get to the BHR forms site one of two ways:  either the Internet or Intranet.  The URL's are as follows:


The forms listed below will not be stocked by the Bureau of Human Resources or the Bureau of Purchases Warehouse in the future.

As changes are made to these forms you will be notified by HR Memo.  The latest version of all forms will be on the BHR homepage until further notice.

If you do not have access to the BHR homepage you may obtain a diskette with these documents by contacting Jerry Rogers at the Bureau of Human Resources 287-4434.   However, increasing amounts of Human Resources material that will be essential for you to do your job will be presented via the state's internet.  You should move as quickly as possible to obtain access to the internet.

PER FORM 10 Personnel File Authorization Form
PER FORM 15 Requisiton for Employee
Instructions for Using the Form
Definitions for Certification Types
PER FORM 18 Request for Placement on the Reemployment Register
PER FORM 51 New Position Requisition Form
PER FORM 52 New Hire
PER FORM 53 General Employee Information
PER FORM 54 Termination Form
PER FORM 61 Trainee/Apprentice Agreement
PER FORM 62 Retroactive Personnel Record Adjustment Worksheet
PER FORM 108A Continuatiion of Benefits Coverage
PER FORM 108F Voluntary Programs Worksheet
PER FORM 109 Repayment of Shutdown Days
PER FORM 113 Human Resources Records Request Form
PER FORM 115 Voluntary Cost Savings Program Application
PER FORM 116 5% Salary Option Form
PER FORM 117 Retirement Plan & Benefit Option Form
PER FORM 117A Retirement Plan Options
HR Memo 7-94  Retirement Benefits Option Memo
PER FORM 118 Register Update Form
PER FORM 119 Performance Management Form
Instructions for Using the Form
Procedures for Electronic Entry to Form
PER FORM 121 Record of Employee Discipline
PER FORM 122 Request for Placement on the Transfer/Demotion Register
FJA-1 Administrative Report of Work Content
Instructions for Using the Form
INS FORM I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification Form


Donald A. Wills, Acting Director