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Bureau of Human Resources

August 12, 1997


TO: Agency Heads, Directors of Administrative Services, Agency Personnel Managers
SUBJECT: Electronic Versions of BHR Forms


The Bureau of Human Resources has developed word processing "templates" for various forms utilized in evaluation, classification, recruitment, and register maintenance.  The following forms are now available as regular Lotus Word Pro 96 Smartmasters.  Since many agencies are still transitioning from Microsoft products to Lotus, and to ensure that as many agencies as possible may take advantage of these electronic versions of BHR forms, the forms and instructions are available in Microsoft Word for Windows 6.0 format on a temporary basis:

  1. PER 119 (Performance Management Appraisal Form)
  2. PER 15 (Requisition For Employee)
  3. FJA-1 (Administrative Report of Work Content)
  4. PER 122 (Request For Placement On The Transfer/Demotion Register)
  5. PER 118 (Register Update Form)
  6. PER 18 (Request For Placement On The Reemployment Register)
  7. PER 121 (Record of Employee Discipline)

In addition, written instructions for completing evaluation forms, the FJA-1, and the PER 15 (including definitions of the different certification types) are available as regular Lotus Wor Pro 96 and Microsoft Word for Windows 6.0 word processing documents.

The forms and instructions are available on the Maine State Intranet by going to the State Employee News Center at and follow the link to "BHR Personnel Action Forms".  If you have access the Internet but not to the Maine State Intranet, you can still access these forms by going to the BHR home page at and selecting "Personnel Action Forms".   You may also request these forms and instructions via electronic mail from the Bureau of Human Resources (send requests to Richard Paradis).  If you do not have access to the Internet, the Maine State Intranet, or electronic mail capabilities, you may bring a blank, formatted 3.5 inch floppy diskette to the Bureau of Human Resources, and we will copy the documents to the disk.

Please be advised that the FJA-1 and PER 15 will no longer be available from the State Warehouse when current supplies are exhausted.  The electronic versions of these forms should be used from now on.  Agencies without access to the electronic versions of these forms may obtain a printed copy of each form from the Bureau of Human Resources for local reproduction.


Donald A. Wills, Acting Director