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Bureau of Human Resources

June 11, 1996


TO: Agency Personnel Officers and Managers
SUBJECT: Adjusted Service Dates


The Governor's Employee Recognition Committee has surveyed state agencies and has decided to base service recognition awards on the adjusted service date, rather than the continuous service date that has been used in past years.

This will mean that eligibility for service awards will be based on the same rules that determine eligibility for vacation accrual rates.  For most (but not all) employees, this date will count all prior service as well as continuous service time.

In order to support this change, and to ensure that this important date is available for other information needs, all agencies must enter the adjusted service date into each employee's MFASIS record.  The purpose of this memo is to provide a schedule for entering a correct date for all employees.

Employees Affected
All executive branch employees with an appointment type of C, D, or F must have an adjusted service date in their records.

Completion Date
Adjusted service dates must be entered no later than Friday, July 12, 1996.

Reporting Aides
Each agency currently tracks eligibility for vacation accrual, and it is recommended that these records be used to support this effort.  Additionally, agencies may wish to develop reports from the MFASIS information warehouse that lists, for each employee, the original hire date, current hire date, longevity date, and adjusted service date (if available).  Such a report will assist agencies in identifying employees for whom additional research may be necessary.  You can easily produce your own report or have one produced for you by calling Richard Paradis at 287-4410.

Please keep requests for microfiche records to the absolute minimum that is required to complete this project, as this Bureau may not be able to accommodate large orders of microfiche records within the time allowed to complete this report.

Additional Notes
1.  The adjusted service date is entered on the H0BU6 screen.

2.  Agencies must maintain a correct date on the MFASIS system as changes in employment status dictate.

3.  Most employees who have separated and returned to state service must wait three (3) years before prior service time is credited as service time for vacation accrual purposes.  Please ignore this requirement when entering adjusted service dates.   Once the adjusted service dates is entered, counting all creditable time, employees for whom this waiting period applies can easily be identified by reporting all employees who meet the following conditions:  A current hire date within the last three years, AND an adjusted service date that is earlier than the current hire date.

4.  Please do not print Human Resource Profiles when entering or changing adjusted service dates.

5.  Definitions of service dates, including adjusted service date, is contained in Appendix A, "Employee Service Dates", of the MFASIS HR manual.  This appendix also contains a worksheet for calculating adjusted service dates for your use.   Please limit questions to this Bureau to unique situations that are not addressed by this general information.  Such questions may be addressed to Jeannie Johnson.

Thank you.


Nancy J. Kenniston, Director