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Bureau of Human Resources

December 9, 1996


TO: MFASIS Human Resource System Users
SUBJECT: MFASIS Human Resource System


Effective 12/16/96 a new version of the MFASIS Human Resource System will be made available to system users.

Dunn and Bradstreet Software has released a new version of Millennium, the on-line environment for the MFASIS Human Resource system.  The purpose of this memo is to explain those changes which will affect the way you use the MFASIS HR System.  They are listed below.

You will not be able to log on to the MFASIS HR System in the same way you do today, so please pay particular attention to the 'Initial Sign On' and 'Millennium Sign On' sections.  If you experience problems logging on, please call the B.I.S. Help Desk at 624-7700.

The following is a more detailed explanation of these changes.

Please type 'CCM3PROD' instead of 'CCM1PROD' and press ENTER.   The following screen will appear:

CICS Sign-On

Type your userid and password:

Userid  ==>
Password  ==>
Language  ==>

New Password  ==>


PF 3=End
DFHCE3520 Please type your userid.

In the Userid field please type your CICS Userid the same as you do now.   Likewise, in the Password field please type your CICS Password the same as you do now.  When it is time for you to change your CICS Password, please type your new password in the New Password field the same as you do now.  When you press ENTER, the following screen will appear:

DFHCE3549 Sign-on is complete (Language E).





On this screen, please type 'M3LL' and press ENTER.   This will take you to the Millennium 3.0 sign on screen.

The Millennium 3.0 sign on screen is shown below:

     screen1.gif (7523 bytes)

In the ENTER TERM/GROUP field, please enter 'HRMD' the same as you do now.  In the OPERATOR field, please enter your Operator ID the same as you do now.  In the PASSWORD field, please enter your password the same as do now.  However, you will not be required to change your Millennium password at least every thirty (30) days.

You may change your Millennium password more often than every thirty (30) days, but if you receive the following message:


you must change the Millennium password to proceed.  To change your Millennium password:

Please note:  A password cannot be changed more than once in the same day, and it cannot equal any one of the four previous passwords.  If you forget your password, contact MFASIS HR Security Coordinator George Willard at 287-3631 or the BIS Help Desk at 624-7700.  Once having completed the Millennium Sign On process the online screens will function the same as they do today.

Millennium 3.0 utilizes the same PF (function) keys as the previous release.   Additionally, the function keys are now displayed at the bottom of most screens as in the following example:

     screen2.gif (3342 bytes)

The only exception to this is the addition of PF11.  Millennium 3.0 can potentially have up to thirty-six (36) function keys.  Since only twelve (12) function keys can be displayed at the bottom of a screen, three sets of function keys can be defined and displayed n succession by pressing PF11.  The MFASIS Technical Team has defined all three sets of function keys exactly the same.  Therefore, pressing PF11 will always display the same set of function keys.  The current function keys are as follows:

For a more detailed explanation of function keys, please see the System Introduction in your MFASIS HR Line Agency Manual Volume 1.

The Get for Display and Hold command (GDH) enables you to keep displaying the same data everytime you press ENTER.   The GDH command functions similarly to the GUH command.

Millennium 3.0 will display the following warning message if you change data on a screen but fail to enter an 'R' in the subcommand field:


If you do want to update the record, you may type an 'R' in the subcommand field and press ENTER.  If you do not want to update the record, simply press ENTER again.

To sign off from Millennium, you will follow the following procedure:


Donald A.Wills, Acting Director