Select Civil Service Bulletins

Bulletin Title Date
CS Bull 4.3A Classification Management Procedures January 11, 2012
CS BULL 5.13 Project Employment September 18, 1998
CS BULL 5.15a Merit and Special Merit Increases November 2, 1999
CS BULL 8.19B Reissue of Policy and Procedure for Processing Requests from Employees and Applicants for Reasonable Accommodations June 18, 2009
CS BULL 8.20b Workers' Compensation Return-to-Work Program August 6, 2002
CS BULL 10.4c State Performance Management System July 1, 1997
CS BULL 11.10E Emergency Work Cancellation, or Delay, or Early Release November 29, 2011
CS BULL 11.16c Policies & Procedures Governing Military Leave June 12, 2006
CS BULL 13.1M Re-Issue of Political Activity Guidelines for Executive Branch Employees (Supersedes CS Bulletin 13.1L) October 4, 2014
CS BULL 13.3a State Discrimination Complaint Procedure November 4, 1991
CS BULL 14.4 Agency Time & Attendance Records November 10, 1999
CS BULL 15.1 Layoff Within the Maine Management Service March 21, 2005