State of Maine

Rule Chapters for the Department of Defense, Veterans and Emergency Management

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15  210   General
Ch. 1     Grievance Procedures for the Handicapped

15  213   Military Bureau
Ch. 1     Maine Military Family Relief Fund
Ch. 2     Registration of Private Educational Institutions to Participage
          in the Maine National Guard Education Assistance Program

15  214   Maine Emergency Management Agency (MEMA)
Ch. 1     Primary Secondary Planning Zone; Ingestion Pathway Zone Near
          Nuclear Power Plant (7.5 megabytes)
Ch. 2     Establishment of Fees for the Reporting of Hazardous Materials
Ch. 3     Design and Construction Standards for New or Reconstructed Dams
Ch. 4     Maine Dam Repair and Reconstruction Revolving Loan Program
Ch. 5     Maine Disaster Recovery Fund

15  215   Bureau of Maine Veterans Services
Ch. 2     Administration of the Veteran's Financial Assistance Program
Ch. 3     Administration of the Veteran's Homelessness Prevention
          Coordination Program