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American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009

Recovery Act Spending by Category

Chart showing breakdown of total Recovery Act spending by category

Chart includes Entitlement and 1512 data

Through the end of March 2011, Maine State Government agencies have expended $1,229,874,217 in Recovery Act funding. Of this funding, roughly 40% is subject to quarterly reporting requirements included in the Recovery Act. For the past reporting period, which covered January 1, 2011 through March 31, 2011, Maine submitted 154 reports detailing $523,885,284 in Recovery Act expenditures. The data submitted is searchable and viewable on this site. The largest portion of funding is in entitlement programs such as enhanced Medicaid payments and additional unemployment compensation payments. Those resources are not subject to the quarterly reporting to the federal government, however, the expenditure of funds are captured on our Web site at the county level, allowing visitors to this site to see its distribution. You can also view a county breakdown of the entitlement funding.

Our Web site enables you to see information about the process as it unfolds and serves as the portal by which you can track how funds are being used in Maine.

Federal Fund Reporting

The Recovery Act research tools below leverage data contained in Federally required quarterly reports. In the future these will be expanded to cover stimulus awards exempt from reporting requirements.

Total 1512 spending to date by category (m)

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Total 1512 Awards and Spending to Date (m)

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Select a county to view 1512 awards

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Total 1512 Awards by Agency - Top 5

Agency Amount Expended Jobs Created/Saved
Administrative and Financial Services $151,308,887.00 112.00
Transportation $131,999,683.00 33.00
Education $82,615,130.00 68.00
Maine State Housing Authority $41,029,270.00 240.00
Health & Human Services $33,535,413.00 28.00

Maine Jobs Created or Saved


Expressed as full-time employees for time period January — March 2011.

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Get detailed information on stimulus spending in other states from the Federal website.

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