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Bidders – Please Note Bid Process Updates
Date Update
3/30/09 Revised Request for Proposals; Updated RFP deposit amounts corrected
3/24/09 Revised bidding instructions; Clarifications on deposit process
3/16/09 RFP updated with revised deposit amounts
3/12/09 Pricing templates added; Clarification regarding project security deposits
2/5/09 Clarification that late registrations would be accepted
1/26/09 Clarification that Commission would accept bids prior to 4/7/09

Long-Term Contracts RFP

The Maine Public Utilities Commission (Commission) is seeking long-term contract proposals from qualified resources for capacity and associated energy. New and existing resources may participate, with resources including supply-side (renewable and non-renewable) as well as demand-side resources. Bidders selected will enter into long-term contractual arrangements with one or more of Maine’s investor-owned transmission and distribution utilities, Central Maine Power Company (CMP), Bangor Hydro-Electric Company (BHE), and Maine Public Service Company (MPS) (collectively the T&D utilities). (Order approving RFP - word 41 kb

All inquiries about the RFP should directed to

In the event you are unable to reach her by e-mail: Phone: (207) 287-1373 Fax: (207) 287-1039

Request for Proposals (word - 158 kb) (Updated 3/30/09; Updated RFP deposit amounts corrected
[Note: New instructions for filing bids (Word)] (Added 3/24/09)

The amount of the Proposal Security Deposit will be set at $ 5 per kW for all Project Types, with a cap of $100,000. (Added 3/12/09)

Key steps and timing include the following:

  1. RFP issue date – December 3rd, 2008
  2. Bidder registration deadline – January 7th, 2009 (2/5/09 Clarification: Late registrations will be accepted.)
  3. Stage 2 Proposals submitted – April 7th, 2009    [Note: New instructions for filing bids (Word)] (Added 3/24/09)

    (1/26/09 Clarification: The Commission clarifies that it will accept and may begin the review process for stage 2 proposals prior to the April 7, 2009 deadline.  The Commission may consider acceptance of a proposal prior to the stage 2 deadline or prior to the completion of its review of all stage 2 proposals. A determination to conduct an early review and consider acceptance of a proposal would depend on the degree of benefit to ratepayers represented by the proposal and the need of the bidder for an early determination.)

    (3/24/09 Clarification: Proposal Security Deposits will be held by the utility that bidder proposes as the long-term contract counterparty (Contact Information & Detail on Security Deposit Process (Word)). (Order Approving Process (Word))

  4. Stage 3 Proposals submitted – to be determined

  5. Commission decision on Stage 3 Proposals – to be determined.
    • (Bidders will be notified of the timing for a decision prior to the submission of Stage 3 Proposals.)
  6. Contract execution deadline – within 2 business days of Commission decision
  7. Financial security due – within 2 business days of contract execution.

Revised Proposal Security Deposit Requirements