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Standard Offer Bid Solicitation

Docket 2019-00163

For CMP, EME-BHE, and EME-MPD Small, Medium & Large; Service Starting on January 1, 2020

RFP Issued September 5, 2019; Initial Bids due October 3, 2019 (by 4 P.M.)
Please Note: Consistent with this deadline for Initial Bids, the Commission, CMP and
Emera Maine will accept initial entitlement bids until 4 P.M on October 3, 2019


Please Note: The Commission has established finalized final bid days as follows:

  • Emera Maine-BHD: November 12th
  • CMP and Emera Maine-MPD: November 13th


Instructions for submitting bids (Word)

The files below are posted in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel or in PDF format.

Note: To receive documents in a different electronic format than provided below, please contact:

Contact Person: Faith Huntington, (207) 287-1373

See Prior Bid Solicitation Documents and Results


  • Emera: Bangor Hydro District


EME-BHE's Service Territory

Request for Proposals for Service beginning January 1, 2020


RFP Bangor Hydro Electric RFP (PDF)

Appendix A

Chapter 301 (MS Word)

Appendix B

Other rules related to retail electricity supply (PDF)

Appendix C


Standard Form Contract-Small, Med, Large Unlinked (MS Word)

Standard Form Contract-Small Linked (MS Word)

Standard Form Contract Large Indexed (MS Word)

Appendix 1—Calculation of Excess Market Exposure Security (MS Word Version)

Appendix 1—Calculation of Excess Market Exposure Security (PDF)

Appendix D

Terms & Conditions (PDF)

Appendix E

Appendix F

License Application for CEPs (Word)

Appendix G


Loss Factors MS (Excel)

Appendix H

Statement of Commitment (MS Word)

Appendix I

SO Class Definitions (PDF)

Appendix J

Description of provider's rights and Responsibilities (PDF)

Appendix K

Standard Form Guaranty (MS Word)

Appendix L

Bidder Conditions (MS Word)



Standard Bid Sheets

Bid Sheet for Standard Offer Bids



Data Files

Billing Determinates

Actual, as-billed meter data for Total class and SO Only.

Load Summary

Summary of SO and all customers data, including peak demand data. For the Medium class, the data is from the settlement files. For the large class, the summary is based on metered data and the standard offer class is based on those customers on standard offer as of July 31, 2019 with known proforma adjustments.

Load Profiles

Actual SO Hourly Settlement Data

Actual hourly standard offer settlement data as settled with ISO-NE.  Small and medium classes settled on profiles. Includes losses and unaccounted for energy.

Other Hourly Data & Pk Load


Large Class - SO customers

Represents the standard offer customers as of July 31, 2019 hourly demand based on metered data, does not include losses.


Aggregated ICAP data for standard offer customers as reported on the last day of each month to ISO-NE

ICAP Tags By Class By Year

ICAP Tags By Class By Year (first and last day of month)

Large Class Customers by kWh Ranges

The number of customers in the large class by kWh range currently receiving service from standard offer competitive electricity providers.

Large Class Time of Use Hours