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Representative Ambureen Rana
Rep. Rana
  Representing: Bangor (Part)
District #21

Rep. Ambureen Rana (she/her) is serving her first term in the Maine House of Representatives. She is a member of the Joint Standing Committee on Taxation and the Joint Select Committee on Housing.

Rana grew up in Brewer, helping her parents run a small motel business. She saw firsthand the struggles that too many families face trying to make ends meet every day. This in part sparked her passion for economic justice.

Prior to becoming a lawmaker, Rana spent three years working with LGBTQ+ people in Bangor, including revitalizing a program providing support for high school-aged youth, many of which who were unhoused. While at the Health Equity Alliance, Rana also worked closely with people struggling with addiction and those entering recovery. She worked alongside low-income advocates to increase dental care access to adults with MaineCare while working as a Community Organizer with Maine Equal Justice. Currently, she serves as the Program Coordinator at the Maine Women’s Lobby Education Fund.

Rana earned their bachelor’s degree in biology from the University of Maine and a certificate in Leadership, Organizing and Action from the Harvard Kennedy School. She spends her summers gardening, discovering the wild strawberries and blooming flowers as they pop up around her backyard in Bangor.

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Rep. Rana is a member of the Joint Standing Committee on Taxation and the Joint Select Committee on Housing.

Brief description of the subject matter handled by the committee: Bureau of Revenue Services and State Board of Property Tax Review; state and local taxes; tax exemptions and credits; tax expenditure review; taxpayer relief programs; property valuation and assessment; tax increment financing; municipal revenue sharing; taxation of unorganized territories; and tree growth and other current use tax issues.

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