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Maine Employers and Employment by Size and Industry

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Data is derived from the Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages (QCEW) program. These data are annual snapshots of all private employers and jobs covered by State unemployment insurance (UI) laws. Public sector (federal, state and local government) employers and jobs are not included in these data.

Employers are classified by size classes based on the total number of jobs at that establishment or firm. These data can be used to better understand how employers of different sizes comprise Maine’s labor market, by industry and by region.

All data are screened in compliance with U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics confidentiality standards prior to publication. The confidentiality standards ensure that the data cannot be used to identify protected information reported by any individual employer. As a result, some size class estimates understate the total number of establishments and/or the total employment in any one category if data has been suppressed by the confidentiality screening procedure. This database should not be used to estimate total establishments or employment more generally.

Employers with zero reported employment at the time of the snapshot are also excluded from the interactive data visualizations below. Employers may report zero employment for a number of reasons, including seasonal employers who may be temporarily dormant and may employ staff at other points during the year.

Across all size classes, total employment by firm size and total employment by establishment size may not be the same due to reporting errors from firms with multiple establishments. In general, these reporting errors may account for a few hundred jobs being reported in error representing 0.05% of the total number of jobs in the state.

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