Workforce Diversity for Impacted Industries

Department of Economic and Community Development

Allocation: $5,000,000

Status: Active

Attracting and retaining diverse talent is crucial to our economy, the strength of our workforce, and the vibrancy of our communities. The Governor’s Economic Recovery Committee identified an ever-growing body of research showing that diverse workforces outperform competitors, drive innovation, and enable employers to more effectively attract and retain talent.

With funding from the Maine Jobs & Recovery Plan, the Department of Economic and Community Development is launching a pair of initiatives to help Maine employers to connect to, more successfully recruit and support an increasingly diverse workforce. First, regional Communities of Practice will support the economic recovery of key industries by helping groups of employers and other community partners collaboratively address sector-specific labor shortages with talent attraction and retention strategies that focus on diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. Second, the Department will offer competitive grants to employers, industry partnerships, and local organizations to pilot innovations or expand best practices in workforce diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging.

In addition, the Department of Professional and Financial Regulation will continue to streamline licensure and certification for professionals seeking to work in industries negatively impacted by the pandemic.