Improve Fishing Industry Research, Monitoring, and Sustainability

Department of Marine Resources

Allocation: $14,435,000

Status: Active

Maine’s fishery is a foundational sector of the state’s economy, with a value of more than $500 million in 2020 despite market losses due to the pandemic.

This funding will support research and policy initiatives at Maine’s Department of Marine Resources related to lobster fishery monitoring, addressing gaps in the understanding of the presence of North Atlantic right whales in the Gulf of Maine, and other industry trends. To ensure long-term environmental and economic sustainability of Maine’s ocean fisheries, the Department is launching a Fisheries Connectivity and Habitat Restoration Program to spur more fish habitat revitalization projects. The Department will also expand public health testing capacity for shellfish to support growth of Maine's aquaculture and wild harvest sectors and invest in Maine Marine Patrol equipment upgrades and facility repairs to better serve and protect Mainers who make their living from the sea.