Economic Recovery Grants: Maine Jobs and Recovery Small Business Grant Program

Department of Economic and Community Development

Allocation: $20,000,000

Status: Active

The Department of Economic and Community Development's Maine Jobs & Recovery Small Business Grant Program will provide expense-based grant relief to businesses and non-profits who are confronting substantial expenses stemming from the impacts of COVID-19. Expenses may include interest on deferred loans, increased costs of reopening or doing business as a result of COVID-19, and increased costs due to supply chain disruptions or increased demand.

An initial $5 million grant round closed November 26, 2021, which was targeted at supporting COVID-related expenses to sustain operations. The remaining $15 million will be made available in April 2022 so businesses and non-profits can easily utilize tax returns to demonstrate the financial impact of the pandemic on their businesses and their qualification for funding based on need. This approach – stabilizing businesses most in need now followed by larger grants later – was developed in conjunction with the business community.