Career Portal and Emergency Support for Jobseekers

Department of Labor

Allocation: $3,700,000

Status: Pending

Many jobseekers experience unexpected barriers during a job search or when re-engaging in the workforce. From tuition assistance and subsidized training to career counseling, support programs exist to help with many challenges, but it can be difficult for workers and employers alike to discover the full range of available resources.

In other circumstances, jobseekers may encounter obstacles that traditional workforce programs have limited ability to address, such as car repair for a vehicle required to get to work or fees to apply for a new state identification card.

Maine’s Department of Labor is building a new career portal that will offer a centralized concierge service linking jobseekers and employers with the full suite of Maine’s career exploration, training, employment, and support services. The Department will also collaborate with community organizations to offer jobseekers additional support that enables them to address specific barriers preventing them from achieving employment success.