InforME Board Meeting - April 13, 2005

Members Present

Others Present

Meeting Opens

The Chair opens the meeting by introducing the new board members.


The Chairman Gwadosky congratulates the Board on its success over the past five years and introduces the new Board Chairman, Dick Thompson. On behalf of the Board, Mr. Gwadosky is presented with a plaque for his leadership over the past five years. The Chair notifies the Board of a change in the agenda. The demos will be moved to the next Board meeting and a short Executive Session will take place.

I. GM Report

Carrie Gott provides the Board with an overview of the General Manager’s Report covering the months of February and March 2005.

Portal Highlights


Tiffany Glidden attended the annual Sportsman’s Show at the Civic Center in partnership with IF&W. The online hunting and fishing and moose lottery permit services were highlighted and available for sale from a laptop and printer at the IF&W booth. Highlight: online license authority sales in March 2005 increased 50% as compared to March 2004.

Renee Loring attended the Fisherman’s Forum at the Samoset by the Sea. The Marine Licensing suite was promoted and online renewals available for fisherman up for renewal.


Casey Faiman and Renee Loring presented to the Victorian Villa Assisted Living home in Canton , Maine on Thursday, February 10. The presentation gave an overview of and the services available, and also included a demonstration of the Crash Reporting System, Driver Record Check, and Public Criminal Record check.


External PR – Maine Expands Online Marine Licensing Services (distributed nationally through NIC)

 Agency Meetings

Rapid Renewal Meetings

Month and Town





BETA – February 16

LIVE – March 10

South Berwick

LIVE – February 28


BETA – February 24


LIVE – February 2


BETA – February 9

LIVE – March 28






BETA – March 4


LIVE – March 15

East Millinocket

BETA – March 16



BETA – March 22



A Rapid Renewal press event is scheduled for Friday, April 15, 2005 in the Town of Skowhegan as it marks 50% of all Maine municipal participation.

Casey Faiman shows the Board a map which highlights those towns that are participating in the Rapid Renewal Service.

Online Service and Website Highlights

Recent launches with high citizen benefit:

Consultation, Training and Web Initiative Highlights

Project Status

Fee/Free Services Launched

Creative Services/Web Design Launched

Free/Fee Services in progress

Creative Services/Web Design in progress

New Service Requests/Prioritization

Follow up:
A priority column has been added to projects in process in the development queue. Project rankings are based on prioritization form scale.

Please see Board packet for project descriptions and prioritization forms for the following agency requested services.

Discussion: If the fire permit service is mandated, shouldn't this take precedence to other projects?

A. (InforME) InforME uses the Board’s prioritization process to continually prioritize services makes changes frequently and accordingly based on those priorities.

Financial Summary

Carrie Gott reviews the financials for the months of March and April 2005.

Action: The Chair asks that the overview of the financials be tabled so as to allow time for corrections to be made. Carrie Gott will make corrections and resend to the Board.

Carrie Gott informs the Board that the difference in revenue is based on the seasonal nature of the CEC annual report filings. Carrie also informs the Board that there has been a decrease in the monthly volume of BMV records by 12% and it is not believed to be a national trend.

Discussion : A few Maine financial institutions may have stopped doing business with the major data customer which may also contribute to the decline. Deb Carson further adds that the PayTixx numbers are lower due to Judicial backend changes over the month of March.

Follow-up: An updated InforME organizational chart has been included in the Board packets as requested at the last Board meeting.

II. Strategic Plan Update

Carrie Gott provides the Board with an updated Strategic Plan and notifies them that the Strategic Plan is now posted on the InforME Board website. Carrie has asked the Board to review and provide feedback.


Q. How often will the plan be updated?

A. (InforME) With whatever regularity the Board requests.

Action: The Strategic Plan will be updated on a monthly basis and posted to the InforME Board web page.

III. Executive Section

Next Meeting Date(s)

May 18, 2005 at 1pm

Meeting adjourns at 2:25