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Child Care and Development Block Grant

Office: Office of Child and Family Services
Program: Child Care and Development Block Grant
Budget Estimate: $6,757,950
Federal Agency(s) Administration for Children and Families / Health & Human Services
  • Maine will receive a total of $6,757,950 for two years. Of that amount, $558,672 must be targeted for quality improvement initiatives and $323,545 must be targeted for infant and toddler quality improvement. According to, federal agencies must begin to report their formula block grant awards by March 3, 2009.
  • All of the money will be available upon enactment.
  • These dollars must be used to supplement, and not supplant current funds.
  • This initiative will require two new staff to administer the program.

Child Care Development Fund: $6,757,950

Total Required Quality: $1,152,535

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Subsidy and Administration: $5,605,415

  • Computer and swipe card technology to manage CCDF voucher payments: $1,000,000
  • Remove 300 children from the CCDF voucher waiting list: $2,478,000
  • Evaluation of Educare project: $300,000
  • Place 200 new TANF transitional parents on CCDF vouchers: $1,652,000
  • Two full time staff positions for two years for management of increased vouchers: $140,000
  • Computers and space for voucher staff: $15,000
  • Kiosks in four DHHS offices for child care referrals and subsidy information: $20,415

Quality Expansion Targeted Funds: $558,672

  • Website development for DHHS/DOE coordinated training calendar: $70,000
  • Half time position for two years for training calendar coordination and provider support: $100,000
  • Degree, credential, and certification course work scholarships: $338,672
  • Increased availability or training on Maine’s Early Childhood Learning Guidelines: $50,000

Infant and Toddler Targeted Funds: $323,545

  • Infant and Toddler course work scholarships: $100,000
  • Quality equipment to support accreditation for infant/toddler programs: $183,545
  • Infant Mental Health training delivery throughout state regions: $40,000

At least 4% Quality: $270,318

  • Full time position for two years for Health Consultant Network development and training: $180,000
  • Quality equipment to support accreditation: $90,318
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