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Wellness and Prevention

Office: Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention
Program: Wellness and Prevention
Budget Estimate: $2,175,000
Federal Agency(s) Health & Human Services
  • There is little “state-specific” information on how the dollars will be distributed or upon what they will be spent. There is still no indication of how the $1 billion that is designated for prevention and wellness will be disbursed to the states.
  • Federal HHS must provide Congress with operating plans before obligating any of these funds in FY ’09 and ’10. CDC’s recommended implementation plan for the immunization dollars was submitted to HHS on Friday, March 13.
  • The finds are to be distributed according to the public health priorities of the Secretary of HHS and the Director of the Centers for Disease control and Prevention.
  • $50 million will go to the States to implement healthcare-associated infection (HAI) prevention strategies. These dollars will flow through either USCDC or HRSA. It is expected that the healthcare-associated infection dollars will be distributed through CDC for surveillance, education and outreach intervention work, CMS for ambulatory care-related program services and to AHRO for research for the development of effective prevention models.
  • $650 million is allocated for evidence-based clinical and community-based prevention and wellness strategies that deliver measurable health outcomes that address chronic disease rates. These dollars will go to the Chronic Disease Division and will most likely flow through existing grants and contracts.
  • There will be approximately $1 million for immunization. It is unclear whether the dollars will be used for flu vaccine for children or childhood immunizations. No jobs will be created by this money.
  • The majority of the funds are targeted to the USCDC.