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Developing an Alcohol Sales Policy for Your Business – On-Premise


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On-Premise Sales

This tool is designed to help on-premise retail licensees develop a guide for their business to stay compliant with the Maine Liquor Laws and to assist their employees with the responsible sale of alcohol through the use of uniform policy and best practices.

The tool is not designed to be used for an operational policy, but rather to assist the licensee in developing a premise policy that will apply to their specific business needs by addressing key points and providing suggestions for consideration.

Before starting you should consider what best practices you'll need to adopt as policy to best protect your business and its bottom line, prevent violations of the law, and control your service of liquor to ensure a safe and compliant experience for your patrons.

Review each section and select those items which you feel apply to your business. Review your policy by visiting the 'View My Policy' tab at any time. You may re-visit any of the sections, and change your selection(s) before completing you policy.

There is no right combination of components, but the more you choose, the more comprehensive and effective your policy will be. However, we recommend that you revisit and revise your policy annually.

Disclaimer: All operational policies must be reviewed by your insurance underwriter and your legal counsel to ensure content accuracy, effectiveness and compliance with the law. The Office of Substance Abuse is not liable for any legal action taken against the licensee.

if I uncheck sections which are mandated by law (pre-checked).

1. Mission Statement

Each licensee’s policy should have a mission statement. The purpose of the mission statement is to state the philosophy, scope, and responsibility of the licensee so security/wait staff will be clear on your expectations. Below is an example of a mission statement.

Sample Mission Statement

A sample mission statement has been provided below. You may use this as it is, make modifications, or write your own by deleting what is currently in the box. Please note that anything in the box will appear when you click on the 'View My Policy' tab.

2. General

3. Assessment

4. Carding Practices

Retaining Identification: (Only choose one)
Option 1:
Option 2:
Option 3: I do not wish to include a policy about retaining a customer’s ID.

5. Visibly Intoxicated Individuals

6. Other Considerations

If you are satisfied with your policy, you may: Copy Advanced Copy instructions

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