Timeshare Resale Scams

January 6, 2017

If you're trying to get out of your timeshare, you've probably discovered that it is a lot harder to get out of your timeshare than it was to sign up for it. Scammers take full advantage of this by offering their services to help you. They often have ads or websites indicating they are timeshare resellers or even real estate agents and say they have buyers for every type of timeshare and they GUARANTEE they can get you out of your contract.

These scam artists are very sophisticated. They have decent looking websites, use names of businesses you're familiar with, some even suggest they have been approved by your Attorney General's Office! We don't do that.

Once you're under their spell, they ask you to provide some money up front to pay closing costs, paperwork fees, taxes, etc. Consumers end up losing thousands of dollars in this scam and never get out of their timeshare contract.

Be skeptical of anyone who promises they can get you out of a contract, or pressures you into a deal with them. Be quick to say no and slow to say yes. Do your homework and make sure this is a legitimate business with a licensed real estate agent. Ask your resort for ways to sell your timeshare. NEVER give money up front to sell your timeshare.