Medical Alert Scams

You've probably seen the TV ad for a device that you wear and push a button if you've fallen and can't get up. The device calls for help. There are legitimate medical alert devices on the market, but there are also scammers out there attempting to sell fake devices. Do your homework, and make sure you are getting a legitimate product.

It goes like this - a person calls your home and claims they are from Medicare or a medical provider you may have heard of to tell you that your free medical alert device has been paid for and ready to activate. You only need to provide your personal information like a credit card number or social security number to complete the setup. By providing that information, you've given them access to your money and your identity.

When anyone calls you out of the blue trying to sell you something, don't wait for them to finish their spiel, just hang up. Do not engage with the callers, doing so only confirms your number works, which results in more calls.