Classified Ad Scams

January 6, 2017

Whether you shop for items via Craigslist or some other online swap site, or through the back pages of the newspaper or Maine's own Uncle Henry's publication, beware that scammers are everywhere. Fraudsters use the internet and these publications to dupe folks trying to sell their items for cash.

It works like this - you post a microwave online for $50, you receive an email from an eager person wanting to buy the microwave for $1,200. He sends you a check, which you cash and wire $100 to a shipper. You do has instructed, but find out 5 days later the check was a fraud and you owe the bank whatever money you've spent against that check. Anyone who asks you to wire them money or send back money is scamming you. We suggest if you can't meet the person locally, keep looking for a buyer.

Always keep your personal safety in mind. Meet in a public place, not a private home. Many police stations in Maine have designated meeting spaces for this purpose.