Tax Scams

December 28, 2016

Fake IRS agents – usually with a heavy foreign accent - may try to scare you into thinking you owe back taxes or there’s a problem with your return and you’ll be arrested immediately if you don’t pay them now. They also call pretending to be from the Department of the Treasury or another law enforcement agency with demands of a large payment due for back taxes or some other purported debt. If you disagree they typically become rude and belligerent. They will threaten you with immediate arrest, jail or other legal action to pressure you to pay them right away by providing them with your bank account information, or send them money via wire transfer or a reloadable card. These are all scams. Hang up the phone. If you think you owe money to the IRS, contact a number you know to be correct or through .

UPDATE: Since the Indian government arrested hundreds in a call center bust in October 2016, Americans have noticed a substantial decrease in these calls. However, they are sure to ramp up again in the future considering this particular scam was very successful.