Lottery and Sweepstakes Scams

October 21, 2007

You receive a letter in the mail, email, or phone call indicating you've won thousands of dollars in a lottery or sweepstakes. Finally, you think, all of your problems are solved! Unfortunately, they soon ask you to send money to them to cover fees, taxes, legal processing, or some other made up hoop to get you to send them more money. Think about it - if you've really won $1.2 million dollars and a brand new Mercedes, can't they just take these "fees" off the top and send you the rest? While the cons always have an answer, you'll never see any money. Don't fall for this too good to be true scam.

Other scams come from businesses you've heard of and give the impression if you buy more of their product, you'll have more chances at winning the big prize. Have you ever met anyone who has won the big prize? We haven't either. It's a scam. Save your money where there are better odds - at the bingo hall.