Statement of Kate Simmons Regarding Law Enforcement's Use of Deadly Force in Old Orchard Beach

June 15, 2010

Statement of Kate Simmons Regarding Law Enforcement?s Use of Deadly Force in Old Orchard Beach

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Old Orchard Beach - At 6 am, several federal Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearm (ATF) agents were executing search and arrest warrants on the residents of a home on Sandy Circle. There were four occupants of the residence, two men and two women. The agents were met with resistance from the occupants and gunfire was exchanged. One of the occupants of the residence, a male, was fatally injured. No other civilians or members of law enforcement sustained injuries.

The Attorney General is charged by law with investigating any law enforcement officer who uses deadly force while acting in the performance of that officer's duties. The function of the Attorney General?s investigation is to determine whether self-defense or defense of others, or other legal justification as defined in the Maine Criminal Code, is reasonably generated on the facts so as to preclude criminal prosecution. The review does not include whether there might be any civil liability, whether any administrative action is warranted, or whether the use of deadly force could have been avoided at all costs. At the conclusion of the Attorney General?s investigation, a complete report with factual details will be released.