Hotel and Motel Evictions

May 28, 2022

Following recent changes by the Maine State Housing Authority to its Emergency Rental Assistance Program, which will cap hotel reimbursement rates for eligible Mainers lacking permanent housing beginning June 1, there have been multiple reports of people being asked to leave the hotels where they are living.  Those participating in the program – both the hotels and the individuals who have been residing there – should be aware of Maine law about requiring individuals to move out.


For example, on a case-by-case basis, residents may be considered tenants rather than guests and may have due process rights under Maine’s landlord-tenant laws about evictions.  See Degenhardt v. EWE Ltd. Partnership, 2011 ME 23, 13 A.3d 790.  See also Chapter 14, § 14.17, of the Maine Attorney General’s Consumer Law Guide (  


Owners of hotels and motels as well as individuals staying there should consult with an attorney to understand their legal obligations and rights.  


Individuals facing eviction may contact Pine Tree Legal Assistance to determine if they qualify for help from Pine Tree – call 207-774-8211 or visit

For more information about Maine’s landlord-tenant laws and the eviction process, see Chapter 14 of the Attorney General’s Consumer Law Guide (

or information from Pine Tree (