Attorney General Janet Mills will Join Multistate Lawsuit to Stop the Rollback of Net Neutrality

December 15, 2017

AUGUSTA – Attorney General Janet Mills announced today that she will join the multistate lawsuit being led by New York Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman against the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to stop the rollback of net neutrality.

The FCC’s vote to rollback net neutrality allows Internet Services Providers to slow or block access to certain sites or mobile applications, upending the idea of “net neutrality” that has allowed ideas and commerce to flourish across the web. Additionally, the vote follows a public comment process that has been viewed as fatally flawed and tainted by “fake” comments submitted during the FCC’s comment process in which nearly two million comments stole the identities of Americans from across the United States. New York AG Schneiderman reports that over 400,000 “fake” comments from New York, Florida, Texas and California have been discovered to date.

“This rollback of the net neutrality rule is terrible for consumers, individuals and businesses who use the Internet daily to do banking, pay bills, do schoolwork, and do their jobs,” said Attorney General Mills. “Additionally, if we as Americans cannot trust our government to conduct a truthful and legitimate comment period for one of the most significant regulatory rollbacks in this country’s history, how can we trust that this is the right decision? The FCC’s decision to vote on this matter during an ongoing investigation sends a bad message about their agenda. We should not tolerate this, and I am hopeful that other states will join us in opposing the FCC’s action,” added Mills.

The multistate lawsuit will be filed in the coming weeks.