Attorney General Janet Mills issues statement regarding Opinion of the Justices on Governor?s veto actions

August 6, 2015

(AUGUSTA) The Maine Supreme Judicial Court today answered questions posed by the Governor regarding adjournments of the Legislature and his veto powers. Attorney General Janet T. Mills has issued the following comment regarding the Court?s Opinion (OJ-15-2).

?The Office of the Attorney General is pleased with the full and complete responses to the Governor's questions elucidated in the unanimous 47 page opinion today. The Opinion of the Justices is on all fours with all the research conducted by our Office and with the Opinion of the Attorney General of July 10, 2015. We are also pleased that the Court ruled expeditiously so as to avoid any further unnecessary debate and confusion. The answers to the Governor's questions are clear, unambiguous and completely consistent with his own past practice and with that of every other Governor in recent memory. Except when the Legislature has adjourned sine die, the Chief Executive has ten days (excluding Sundays) within which to return any bills with his objections. By his failure to do so, he has forfeited the right to veto any of the bills at issue.?

Attorney General Mills expressed her thanks to Deputy Attorney General Susan Herman and Assistant Attorney General Phyllis Gardiner for their efforts in this matter.