Marchese to lead Attorney General?s Criminal Division

August 6, 2014

(AUGUSTA) Attorney General Janet T. Mills has sworn in Lisa Marchese as a Deputy Attorney General and Chief of the Criminal Division of the Attorney General?s Office. Marchese, with 28 years of experience as a prosecutor, will coordinate the State?s prosecution of many of the highest profile crimes in Maine.

?Attorney Marchese has proven herself in the courtroom to be a tenacious attorney, always seeking justice on behalf of victims,? said Attorney General Mills. ?Lisa has also worked hard outside the courtroom to prevent tragedies stemming from acts of domestic violence. She is a leader in our office and in the legal community and I am proud to name her as Chief of the Criminal Division.?

Marchese was appointed to lead the Criminal Division following the confirmation of Bill Stokes as a Superior Court Justice by the Maine State Senate. Marchese has worked in the Criminal Division of the Attorney General?s Office since 1986 covering numerous assignments. She first advised and instructed at the Maine Criminal Justice Academy, then prosecuted fraud cases, she coordinated the drug taskforce attorneys before she transitioned to prosecuting homicide cases in 1997. Recently, she was the lead prosecutor on the team that obtained the convictions against Randall Daluz and Nicolas Sexton for the drug-related murders of three individuals in Bangor.

Marchese has led the Domestic Abuse Homicide Review Panel since 2001. The Review Panel is the only entity that conducts an in depth analysis of domestic abuse homicides in order to better understand the dynamics that led up to the incident with the intention of identifying ways to prevent future tragedies. Marchese has been recognized as a top authority in Maine for the prevention of domestic violence. In 2010 Marchese was awarded the Caroline Duby Glassman award by the Maine Bar Association for her relentless pursuit of justice for victims and their families and for her efforts to serve as a role model for younger and less experienced attorneys.

Marchese will be the first woman to lead the Criminal Division. The Division has exclusive jurisdiction over homicides in Maine and is responsible for homicide and other criminal appeals, prosecuting financial crimes, pursuing frauds against the State and prosecuting most major drug crimes. The Criminal Division also advises the Bureaus within the Department of Public Safety.

Marchese is a native of Bangor, graduating from Bangor High School, the University of Maine and Franklin Pierce Law Center in Concord, New Hampshire. She is married to Jon Eames and has two sons.


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