US Department of Justice is seeking victims of MoneyGram schemes

October 27, 2013

(AUGUSTA, Maine) Maine Attorney General Janet T. Mills is encouraging Maine consumers who used the money services business MoneyGram to contact the Department of Justice, Victim Asset Recovery Program to see if they are entitled to a refund for unfair business practices conducted by the company. MoneyGram International, Inc. (MoneyGram), a global money services business headquartered in Dallas, Texas, has agreed to forfeit $100 million to the United States and enter into a deferred prosecution agreement with the Justice Department. The agreements arose from MoneyGram's involvement in mass marketing and consumer fraud which caused tens of thousands of persons to lose money from "advance fee" schemes and similar scams. The Justice Department will return the forfeited funds to the victims of the fraud through its Victim Asset Recovery Program. The scams, which generally targeted the elderly and other vulnerable persons, were committed by falsely promising victims they would receive large cash prizes, falsely offering various high-ticket items for sale over the Internet at deeply discounted prices, falsely promising employment opportunities as "secret shoppers," and placing distressed phone calls falsely posing as the victim's relative and claiming to be in trouble and in urgent need of money. In each case, the perpetrators required the victims to send them advance money through MoneyGram's money transfer system in order to receive a promised product or service. The victims never received what they were promised. If you lost money as a result of the MoneyGram schemes between 2004 and 2009, you may be eligible for compensation. More information about how to file a claim will be made available on the following website. If you believe you are an eligible victim you may also call one of the following numbers and provide your contact information: Toll-free number (United States Only): 877-282-2610 Toll number (International): 317-324-0390 If you believe you are an eligible victim, please go to for information on how to file a petition for remission. Claims must be filed by November 15, 2013