Attorney General Mills files Civil Rights Complaint Against Windham Man

September 10, 2013

Attorney General Janet Mills announced that her office has filed a complaint against 30-year old Justin Boucher of Windham for violating the Maine Civil Rights Act. The complaint filed in Cumberland County Superior Court alleges that Boucher threatened an African American woman with violence because of racial bias. The complaint seeks an injunction against Boucher preventing him from having contact with the victim and forbidding him from violating the Maine Civil Rights Act.

The complaint alleges that the victim was driving her vehicle on April 16, 2013, in the area of Time Warner Cable in Portland when she noticed a car behind her operated by Boucher. As the victim slowed down for a traffic light, Boucher pulled up next to her and yelled out his window, ?You stupid N?.., you need to learn how to drive!?

The victim drove past the defendant and stopped at the traffic light at the next intersection. Boucher again pulled up next to her, stopped his car, got out of his car and yelled, ?You stupid N?..! You need to learn how to drive. You don?t know how to drive. I should hang you up on that tree behind you, over there where you belong!? Fearing for her safety, the victim drove through a red light to get away from Boucher, who eventually drove off in another direction.

The Maine Civil Rights law ensures that all people have a right to engage in lawful activities without being threatened with violence or property damage motivated by bias based on race, color, religion, gender, ancestry, national origin, physical or mental disability or sexual orientation. The law authorizes the Attorney General to seek an injunction against any person who intentionally interferes or attempts to interfere with another person?s exercise of their rights by threat of violence.

?The words and actions attributed to Mr. Boucher echo the frightening acts of the Ku Klux Klan in years past,? commented Attorney General Mills. ?Fifty years after the March on Washington and Rev. Martin Luther?s historic and inspiring speech, the State of Maine simply will not tolerate such hateful, intolerant acts. We abhor these actions as a people, and we intend to send a message to those who would bully, intimidate or threaten our citizens with hate based words and actions. We will ensure that our state is a welcoming place for people of all races, religions, national origins, orientations and abilities.?

Mr. Boucher has twenty-one days to answer to the complaint. No date has been set for the hearing on the motion for preliminary injunction.