Maine Attorney General Janet T. Mills warns consumers about Deed Processing Notice—read the fine print.

June 24, 2013

Augusta - The Maine Office of the Attorney General is warning consumers about an offer involving a Deed Processing Notice that is being mailed to consumers. The notice tells consumers that they need to send $83 to obtain a copy of their deed to their real estate.

Attorney General Mills says “if you want a copy of your deed, contact your local registry of deeds. You can get a copy much quicker and cheaper from your county registry.”

A close look at the fine print of the notice discloses that copies can be obtained at a lower cost directly from the county registrar. However, the notice appears to be designed to alarm and deceive consumers into paying for a service at a higher cost.

You can find information about your county registry of deeds at

If you have questions about this or other consumer protection matters, you can contact the Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division: 1-800-436-2131 or email: