Attorney General Rowe Kicks Off Media Campaign Aimed At Keeping Alcohol Out Of The Hands Of Minors

December 5, 2005

Attorney General Steve Rowe announced today that two new public service announcements (PSAs) aimed at keeping alcohol out of the hands of minors will begin airing today. The PSAs were produced by the Office of the Attorney General and are an attempt to educate adults about the importance of underage drinking laws.

Rowe said, "As we head into the holiday season, many youth will attend parties with adult friends and family members. It is critically important for adults to realize that providing alcohol to minors is illegal and can have tragic consequences."

The PSAs remind adults that underage drinking laws protect children. One PSA tells parents that providing alcohol to minors in violation of the law teaches teens that they can choose which laws to obey. The other focuses on the prevalence of youth drinking in Maine and the effect alcohol has on developing brains.

Rowe hopes the PSAs will raise awareness of the extent of the problem of underage drinking in Maine and will make adults think twice before they provide alcohol to minors. "If the average Maine child is taking his or her first drink of alcohol at age 13 and if one sixth of high school freshmen are binge drinking each month, we have a serious problem. The earlier a child starts drinking, the greater the chances of alcohol addiction, and the greater the chances the child will suffer brain damage. These very young children aren't buying alcohol in stores; they're getting it from adults. We have to stop the flow of alcohol to our children."

Rowe praised District Attorneys in Maine for their commitment to prosecute adults who provide alcohol to minors. He also praised the efforts of the law enforcement agencies that are actively working with community leaders to address underage drinking. Rowe stressed that stopping underage drinking starts with the whole community.

The PSAs have been provided to Maine radio stations and will be aired on stations across Maine throughout December. The PSAs can be downloaded at:

An alcohol fact sheet is attached to this press release. Attorney General Rowe will be available for live interviews at 10:00 a.m. on December 5, 2005 at the Office of the Attorney General in Augusta. Burton Cross State Office Building, 6th Floor.

Note: December 5th is Alcohol Awareness Day and December 5th through the 9th is Alcohol Awareness Week.