With Wholesale Gas Prices Falling, Rowe Calls On Gas Stations To Pass Savings To Consumers

September 9, 2005

Attorney General Steve Rowe today called on gas stations to pass lower wholesale gas prices through to consumers right away.

Rowe commented after reviewing the results of a statewide retail gas price survey conducted Friday morning. "I am disappointed and upset that retail prices remain so high even after wholesale prices have dropped substantially," said Rowe. "Last week, I was in the position of explaining to consumers that gas stations were entitled to pass wholesale price increases through to the consumer, even though higher priced gas had not been delivered yet. This week, I want the stations to know that they cannot have it both ways. Prices that jackrabbit up then snail down will be viewed very critically. Maine consumers are entitled to see wholesale price decreases reflected in the retail price right away."

Rowe said that the Attorney General's Office is continuing its daily monitoring of gas prices at both the wholesale and retail level.

Rowe has also been cooperating with a group of more than 40 state attorneys general to gather more detailed information on the root causes of the recent spike in gas prices.