AG Sues Livermore Contractors Over Incomplete, Shoddy Work

May 20, 2005

Maine Attorney General Steven Rowe announced today that his office has filed court papers under Maine's Unfair Trade Practices Act against home contractors Mark Smith and David Blais of Livermore who do business as CBS Enterprises. The State is seeking an injunction that will prohibit Smith and Blais from doing any further home contracting in the State of Maine.

"We have received a dozen complaints against CBS Enterprises from all around Maine," said Attorney General Rowe. "Consumer after consumer has charged Smith and Blais with either failing to complete the job or doing extremely poor work," said the Attorney General.

Many of the complaining customers had responded to a CBS Enterprises advertisement that offered $14,000 garages. The advertisement also promised: "This is the best built garage going." The consumers claimed that, in reality, CBS Enterprises did not finish the garages and they were not well built.

Rowe warns consumers that "Home contractors are not regulated in Maine, so buyer beware. Ask for and check references before hiring a contractor." If you have a complaint against Mark Smith or David Blais, d/b/a CBS Enterprises, you can contact the Attorney General's Office by e-mail at or call 1-800-436-2131 between 9:00 a.m. and noon, Monday through Friday.