June 10, 2004

JUNE 10, 2004



            The Attorney General’s Office today announced settlements with bar owners for allowing smoking in violation of the ban that became effective January 1, 2004.  In a settlement reached Monday with Mark Gilbert, owner of the Jackman Hotel in Jackman, Mr. Gilbert admitted to 20 counts of allowing smoking and agreed to pay fines and surcharges totaling $1250. The Northland Hotel, Inc., also in Jackman, agreed to admit to two violations and $240 in fines.  In an earlier settlement the owner of McGillcuddy’s in Brunswick admitted six violations and paid fines totaling $720. A settlement with the owners of the Caswell House in Harrison is pending.

            In two other cases of public smoking in other establishments, the PC Junkyard in China was fined $240 and Allen’s Country Store in Cumberland admitted a single violation of failing to post required “No Smoking” signs and paid a $115 fine.

            “The public and workers deserve protection from detrimental health effects of second hand smoke,” said Attorney General Rowe.  “Tobacco use costs the State $470 million in health care costs annually.  We will continue to enforce the laws intended to reduce the toll tobacco takes on Maine people.”

            The Attorney General’s Office investigates all complaints of smoking violations.  “It would be unfair to the vast majority of businesses that are complying with the law and the citizens that come forward with complaints if we did not follow through on enforcement,” said Tobacco Control Coordinator John Archard.

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