June 26, 2003

JUNE 26, 2003



          Attorney General Steven Rowe announced today that his office has filed suit under the Maine Civil Rights Act against Brian J. Sepcich, 46, of Eddington, for racial epithet-laden threats of violence Sepcich aimed at an African-American woman in Bangor on April 8, 2003.

            The suit alleges that the confrontation began as Sepcich and the victim were driving separate cars from Old Town to Bangor.  The victim was headed to a doctor’s appointment with her four-year-old son.  Sepcich harassed the victim by braking abruptly while she was behind him, tailgating her when she was in front of him, pointing at her and mouthing threats that he was going to get her.  The two exchanged obscene hand gestures. 

            When the Defendant reached the parking lot of the doctor’s office on Union Street in Bangor, Sepcich got out of his car, banged on the victim’s window, called her a “n*****” and threatened to “f*** her up.”  The victim feared for her safety as well as that of her son, who began screaming and crying.  After she began backing out of her parking space to escape Sepcich, Sepcich returned to his vehicle and left.

            The Attorney General’s suit seeks a court order finding that Sepcich violated the Civil Rights Act and barring him from contacting or approaching the victim.  It also seeks a civil penalty of up to $5,000.

            Attorney General Rowe said, “I know that the vast majority of Maine people feel as outraged as I do that a mother and child, going about their business in our State, were so hatefully harassed and threatened.  We must stand together to stop and punish this horrendous behavior.”

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