May 13, 2002

MAY 13, 2002

CONTACT: Pamela. W. Waite, Assistant Attorney General
Michael V. Frett, Director, Maine Dept. Of Labor Bureau Of Labor Standards

The Attorney General's office and the Maine Department of Labor today announced the settlement of a child labor case with Rosa Linda's Pizzeria and Café of Saco. The agreement requires Rosa Linda's to pay $34,250 to the State in a settlement for violations involving 15, 16, and 17-year-olds who worked at Rosa Linda's in Saco, Maine. These violations occurred between October of 1997 and January of 2000 and include statutory work permit restrictions, daily hour restrictions, morning/evening hour restrictions, and weekly hour restrictions.

In announcing the settlement, Assistant Attorney Pamela Waite stated, "Rosa Linda's was cooperative with the Bureau and the Attorney General's office during the investigation. Rosa Linda's has taken responsibility for the violations, which it claims were inadvertent, and has taken remedial action through the operation and management of its stores so that future violations will not occur."

"The Maine Department of Labor takes seriously its responsibility to enforce child labor laws," stated Michael V. Frett, Director of the Bureau of Labor Standards for the Maine Department of Labor. "I encourage employers who have questions on this subject to contact us for information or training."

Attorney General Steven Rowe stated, "Our young people are our State's most precious resource. This office will continue to work to improve conditions for children in the workplace and elsewhere."