Attorney General Schneider Warns of Phony Legal Action Calls

December 28, 2012

AUGUSTA ? Attorney General William J. Schneider is warning Maine consumers about a telephone scam involving callers who claim that the consumer has been named in a legal action. The caller instructs the consumer to make a call to another number to resolve the matter or else face a lawsuit.

Several consumers have reported receiving such calls over the past week.

Consumers describe the calls as threatening.

?If you receive a call claiming that you are being sued, named in a legal action or subpoenaed, hang up immediately,? advised Attorney General Schneider. ?Do not call any numbers provided by the caller. Calling the number will only result in more scam calls.?

Schneider warned that although consumers may be tempted to make the call to find out who is calling, it is not worth the risk of becoming the target of the aggressive tactics of fraudsters.

If the incoming call number can be identified, report it to your telephone service provider. If you think you have experienced a threatened legal action scam, call the Attorney General?s Consumer Protection Hotline at (207) 626-8849.